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The Can Gio Mangrove Biosphere Reserve is located in the coastal district southeast of Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. The reserve provides opportunities to advance environmental protection across a continuum of habitats, ranging from coastal areas to the boundaries of Ho Chi Minh City, the biggest industrial city in Vietnam.

Can Gio encompass diverse habitats including mangroves, wetlands, salt marshes, mud flats, and seagrasses? The ecosystem functions as the ‘green lungs’ of Ho Chi Minh City absorbing carbon dioxide and other polluting agents on a daily basis.

The mangroves contain a high diversity of floral and faunal species. These include mangrove species such as Rhizophora apiculate, Thespesia populnea, and Acanthus ebracteatus. A high number of faunal species appear in the biosphere reserve including king cobra, saltwater crocodile, spot-billed pelican, and fishing cat.

A permanent population of almost 70,000 inhabitants lives in the transition zone of the biosphere reserve. These include groups of non-indigenous local people, the majority of whom are Vietnamese. Minorities located in the reserve include Chinese and Khmer communities living together in concentrated communes and towns in the transition zone.

Can Gio is a nice beach near Ho Chi Minh City with nice seafood? Tourists and local people often travel there to spend their vacation at the weekend or the holidays.

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